Sunday, June 5, 2011

Been staying busy lately.

The state schools superintendent comes to South Bend near the deadline for three of the city high schools to improve scores ("or else"). I've had the best luck with board meetings at this job so far.

Not much spot news happening on my watch lately. This was pretty much all I had.

Broke out my old lighting skills to make this portrait. I had some problems with my wizards (which seems to always happen on location!), so this set-up used an off-shoe cord with a flash hand-held and a second flash (fill) on a light stand with my trusty optical slave to trigger it.

Another kid with a gun.

Another last minute feature.

South Bend Memorial Day Parade. Kids cover their ears as fire trucks pass by blasting their sirens.

Mishawaka Memorial Day Parade. The classic "cute kid pointing" photo.

It's High School Graduation season again...

Bobby Knight teaches Digger Phelps how to properly toss a chair 60 ft.

"Read to a Canine Friend"

Street artist CAD tags a utility box as park guest pass by. This was the real deal.

Softball sectional champs celebrate after win.

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