Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Update

It's mostly sports this time around. Hopefully no one finds it too boring...

The news lands on our front steps.


Medical Pot. The best excuse ever to come to work high.

High School Football...when their was still sunlight.

Peace Protesters.

An easy feature at the Blueberry Festival.

My first time shooting professional boxing. It was a lot of fun (if you don't my being covered in sweat, blood and spit).

King Salmon season begins.

Candlelight vigil for a family which lost several members in a terrible car accident earlier in the week.

Celebration after making the winning kick in a tournament game shootout a few nights ago.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Update: It's been a while...

As many have requested, here is a big update to show what I have been doing these past two and a half months.

July 2nd fireworks.

July 4th at the fair.

July 4th ladder evacuation at an apartment complex where a man was in a standoff with police.

July 16 at Silver Beach in Michigan. I'm still not used to freshwater beaches. I was blown away by how many people visit them.

Thursday, July 18. A feature shot on a day when my mind was certainly not in the right place.

July 30. Urban Adventure Games. This was a cool event that involved teams racing to bike, zipline, run, kayak, rock climb and yes, even toss large fish.

August 1. South Bend Silver Hawks action.

August 5. Dog Days of Summer in South Bend. A big pet adoption day downtown.

August 6. In The River - A floatilla on the St. Joe River. Not a great photo, I just like any assignment that brings me close to the river. Considered joining in and shooting from my boat, but I had another assignment after this one.

August 11. Luminaries to remember cancer victims.

August 12. Football scrimmage.

August 13. World Pulse Festival, a huge christian music concert in South Bend. This event draws the biggest crowd annually in South Bend next to Notre Dame home games.

August 19. Friday Night Football! One of my favorite things to shoot. By the end of the season it is cold and dark, and quickly becomes my least favorite assignment.

August 23. The meeting gods smiled down on me once again.

August 26. FNF round two in Niles, Mi.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Counting down the days till my vacation...

*For those visitors that are new to this blog, I am a photojournalist for the South Bend Tribune in Indiana. Photos posted here are just highlights from assignments that went well or were otherwise interesting. This is not a portfolio.

Dogs and kids costume show.

The #2 BMX biker in the world. A very difficult lighting situation since he was jumping so high. It was difficult not to blow out the ceiling behind him.

The Semi State championship game. The foul ball catch was a shot I've never gotten before.

My lights held out just long enough to finish the assignment. I was really happy with my quick and dirty set-up. Over the course of 20 minutes I moved my lights around the room to each band member and got similar shots of all six.

Blues & Ribs Fest.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Been staying busy lately.

The state schools superintendent comes to South Bend near the deadline for three of the city high schools to improve scores ("or else"). I've had the best luck with board meetings at this job so far.

Not much spot news happening on my watch lately. This was pretty much all I had.

Broke out my old lighting skills to make this portrait. I had some problems with my wizards (which seems to always happen on location!), so this set-up used an off-shoe cord with a flash hand-held and a second flash (fill) on a light stand with my trusty optical slave to trigger it.

Another kid with a gun.

Another last minute feature.

South Bend Memorial Day Parade. Kids cover their ears as fire trucks pass by blasting their sirens.

Mishawaka Memorial Day Parade. The classic "cute kid pointing" photo.

It's High School Graduation season again...

Bobby Knight teaches Digger Phelps how to properly toss a chair 60 ft.

"Read to a Canine Friend"

Street artist CAD tags a utility box as park guest pass by. This was the real deal.

Softball sectional champs celebrate after win.